HBORL strengthen and promote the rule of law, access to justice and human rights with more focus on women and children rights; design and develop capacity building programs for legal and judicial institutions, civil societies and public administration of Afghanistan. We also support administrative reforms, improve the academic capacities of the institutions, support the development of legislations in compliance with international standards and Islamic values, promote and endorse social peace, maintain the international exchange among professionals and academics.

Most of its on-going and complated projects facilitate capacity building of staff working for Afghan justice institutions, in public administration and related non-governmental organizations. The organization’s project variety ranges from first-class courses aimed at the leadership of Afghan ministries in Kabul to basic legal training for justice personnel in some of the weakest provinces of the country. Furthermore, the organization trains university lecturers and experienced law professionals in teaching methods and research techniques. Awareness raising programs aim to inform the population directly or indirectly about their rights.