The Bright Future program will run for five years in Afghanistan and will focus on improving local economic prospects for urban youth in Kabul by enabling young Afghan entrepreneurs to setup and grow their business as well as working on improving the overall eco-system and rule of law.

Five main components of the Program:

  1. Enable young urban Afghans in Kabul to set up and grow a business;
  2. Link skilled young Afghans to employers;
  3. Scale up Afghan SMEs by providing Business Development Support services;
  4. Improve the business enabling environment; and
  5. Address key issues hampering the ease of doing business and gainful employment.

Cordaid Organization, as consortium leader, together with its partners; 1%Club, Bayat Group and in order to successfully implement the above component, HBORL strives to reach to some basic objectives. First, entrepreneurs and employers know their rights, relevant laws, provisions and duties, and are capable to strategically assert their rights. Second, designated power holders know the relevant existing laws and the correct interpretation, and are more willing to implement the laws correctly. Third, strategic engagement and dialog between entrepreneurs, employees and relevant stakeholders leads to more willingness to jointly address the ease of doing business and gainful employment.

Time frame: March 2017 – March 2021

Place/s: Kabul

Donor/s: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kingdom of Netherlands