Capacity building trainings on “linkages between formal & informal justice systems in Afghanistan” and “linkage between judicial organization and security sectors in Afghanistan” were provided to 45 staff members (male and female) of governmental organizations including: Women Affairs Department, Justice Department,Department of tribes,Prosecution offices, Ulama Council, AIBA, Hajj and Islamic affairs department, Police headquarters and Governor office from 1st -6th September 2018 in Herat province, the program was implemented by Hamida Barmaki Organization for the Rule of Law with close cooperation of CORDAID office and the financial support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Netherland .

The purpose of the training was to develop awareness and build the capacity of government entities on establishing the link between formal & informal justice systems and the link between the judicial organization and security sectors enabling a better interaction between the two.

Introduction of justice, judicial activities, judicial organizations, the importance of linkages between formal & informal justice, advantage and disadvantage of the formal & informal justice system, methods of informal justice systems in Afghanistan were the topics which were covered during the days of the training.

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