Hamida Barmaki Organization for the Rule of Law (HBORL) with the close cooperation of Cordaid and financial support of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Netherlands conducted a 10 days legal awareness training program which was designed based on the results of legal assessment, conducted during the inception phase of the ARC Bright Future project, as well as two round table debates for the purpose of raising legal awareness on commercial law, labor law, financial law and policy formulation. In this program the professional officials from different Institution of Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GIRoA) including Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Labor; Social Affairs; Martyrs and Disabled, Ministry of Commerce and Industries, Ministry of Justice, as well as Afghanistan Chambers of Commerce and Industries (ACCI), International Chambers of Commerce (ICC) and Afghanistan Women Chambers of Commerce and Industries (AWCCI) were participated.

This training was designed into two batch (each batch with 30 participants) and the main subjects of training were focusing on commercial law (business transactions, threats and challenges related to entrepreneurs, governmental entities and their role in Afghan commerce), taxation law (common mistakes in tax calculation, tax exemptions, tax violations and punishments), labor law (employment contracts, job related disputes and resolutions, suspension and termination of employment contracts) and policy formulation (concept and definition of policy, challenges in policy formulation and evaluation, and Implementation of public policy).

Apart from the above topics, participants from various government bodies shared their problems to which they are facing in their working environments and caused them limitations in performing their daily activities. These threats and challenges were put into consideration and after the necessary discussions, steps were advised to be taken.

The participants were fully engaged with a lot of enthusiasm in the program and at the end, they were awarded with certificates of appreciation.

It is worth mentioning that the up-mentioned capacity building programs have been designed for five years and will be implemented with the absolute cooperation of Cordaid Office and financial support of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Netherlands.

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