Unfortunately in Afghanistan, generally, public is less aware of constitutional rights and issues. So, the goal of this project is to initiate a public campaign for raising awareness regarding the constitution, the proposed project activities are geared toward increasing public knowledge of the constitution and ensuring active participation of citizens in advocating for democratic values and basic rights guaranteed in constitution.

This program has 2 main components:

  1. Public Awareness
  2. Advocacy

Open Society Institute Budapest Foundation, as donor of the project, together with its partner; HBORL and stakeholders  ICOIC, CSO, International IDEA, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Higher Education, Deputy Minister of Youth, Youth and Women Group and Ministry of Haj will implement the ARAC (Awareness Raising on Afghan Constitution) project.

HBORL through a group of highly motivated and qualified members who received training in Cyprus by Open Society Institute & International IDEA on constitution and advocating for constitution is willing to transfer knowledge they gained through the training to Afghan citizens, CSOs and other stakeholders. With an expectation to create a discourse on the constitution by undertaking above activities, the project will cover 8 main zones of Afghanistan so that more population can benefit from the program.