The Hamida Barmaki Organization for the Rule of Law (HBORL) is currently implementing the following projects:

Bright Future Program

The Bright Future program will run for five years in Afghanistan and will focus on improving local economic prospects for urban youth in Kabul by enabling young Afghan entrepreneurs to setup and grow their business as well as working on improving the overall eco-system and rule of law read more

Awareness Raising on Afghan Constitution

HBORL through a group of highly motivated and qualified members are willing to transfer knowledge they gained through the training to Afghan citizens, CSOs and other stakeholders read more 

Safhe Jaded (NAP 1325)

The Safhe Jaded implementing the Afghan NAP 1325 by linking inclusive security and justice Programme in direct support of the implementation of the Afghan National Action Plan 1325, the Programme aims to contribute to increased security and justice for women and girls in Afghanistan read more