The goal of this project is to improve the quality of Afghan legislation by training those governmental jurists who draft new laws or amend existing ones, particularly the employees of the Taqneen Department of the Ministry of Justice.

The Hamida Barmaki Organization and the Max Planck Foundation mainly organize seminars on legislative methods and techniques as well as on the compliance of laws and regulations with constitutional and international law.

They also discuss with the Afghan authorities the difficult question of how to find solutions regarding Islamic law and international standards. Both must be respected according to Arts. 3 and 7 of the Constitution but seem to collide.

Moreover, experts of the Max Planck Foundation are developing a scientific dictionary of Dari, Pashto and English legal terms.

Timeframe: 1 July 2013–31 December 2014 (extension planned)

Place/s: Kabul

Donor/s: Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany