Since the enactment of the current constitution in early 2004, lack of public awareness of the content and theoretical objectives of the constitution considered to be a major hinder against further implementation of the Afghanistan constitution. Therefore, this project has been designed to be implemented to fill this gap, and the program premeditated to have two major impacts. First, it mends and institutionalizes the culture of public discourse on values and position of the constitution in the establishment of a decent quality democratic political structure and good governance. second, it is expected to further educate and support groups who are committed to defending and advocating for the rights of citizens and democratic values guaranteed in the constitution.

Furthermore, the project has the following objectives:

  1. To enhance public knowledge in regards to the Afghanistan Constitution and increase public understanding of how to advocate the constitution in order to guarantee their fundamental rights and democracy.
  2. To generate public debate and ensure the participation of the citizens, CSOs, relevant actors in enhancing public awareness of the Afghanistan Constitution.

Open Society Institute Budapest Foundation, as a donor of the project, together with its partner; HBORL and stakeholders  ICOIC, CSO, International IDEA, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Higher Education, Deputy Minister of Youth, Youth and Women Group, and Ministry of Haj will implement the ARAC (Awareness Raising on Afghan Constitution) project.

HBORL through a group of highly motivated and qualified members who received training in Cyprus by Open Society Institute & International IDEA on the constitution and advocating for the constitution is willing to transfer the knowledge they gained through the training to Afghan citizens, CSOs, and other stakeholders. With an expectation to create a discourse on the constitution by undertaking the above activities, the project will cover 8 main zones of Afghanistan so that more population can benefit from the program.

Timeframe: August 1, 2017 – December 31, 2019

Geographical Area: Afghanistan

Donor: Open Society Institute